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25470, In reply to tinyteanie's post!
Posted by guest, Mon May-22-00 02:58 AM
I feel ya Sis!
Being from the UK - we over here have a different set of problems to you guys in the US, as we're only second (and/or third) generation. There's also far fewer of us, percentage wise - that live in the UK compared to the amount of Black folk that live in America. For us - our struggle is probably about a couple of decades behind.

Saying that tho - we as Black people (wherever we may live) need to STOP pointing the finger/blame at the other man and START thinking about ourselves.

We need to STOP being seduced by that jiggy lifestyle we're bombarded with everyday, (which in my mind does nothing but exacerbate the whole get-rich-quick mentality, and pursuit of trivial things).

We need to START thinking about long term ish, how are we gonna make things better for us as a people in the future. NOT how quickly you can line your damn pockets, or how you're gonna ice your damn wrist/neck/pinkie!


Tinyteanie, I too am sick of all the uffin whining and complaining that goes on. As for this whole struggle thing - EVERYBODY struggles. Yes I admit some more than others, but I guess it's the struggle that makes you stronger, it's the struggle that makes success sweeter.


There are plenty of opportunities out there, it's all a matter of recognising them when they arise, capitalising upon them, and making them work for you. In doing so, not only do make progress for us as a people, but we also honour the memory and struggle of our forebeares who enabled us to have these opportunities. They didn't expect ish on a plate - why should we?

We ALL need to get up off our arses and deal with the matter at hand!
As you say tiny - EDUCATION/OPTIONS are the key. Beat them @ their own game!

Much Love
Mxxxx (a.k.a. the original ok(uk)ayplayer) ;-)