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Topic subjectRE: the big payback
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25469, RE: the big payback
Posted by tinyteanie, Sun May-21-00 11:24 AM
I'll tell you what they gave us after reading all these posts? A big ass mouth to fucking complain! WHAT THA FUCK Y'ALL!!! The fact that you all ahave freaking computers to type on is obviously some shit that changed! Hell, by saying nothing's been done you wipe out your own ancestors who fought a whole hell of a lot harder than we EVER have to be as far as we are now. BLACK FOLKS WHO FOUGHT TO BE AMERICAN!

You give black folks their own shit, I tell you what'll happen. First, they will over charge your ass talking about "black-owned brotha". Then they'll turn into the Compton Unidied School District, who makes sure to over crowd schools because of how much money you get per attendee, then mismanage the money so much that kids still have old ass books while the superintendants have dope Lexus' and bodyguards, and the football team gets new shit, all while cutting college prep programs.

Then you'll argue with them that the books are old and they'll tell you it's "the mans" fault. Fuck that! My grandparents have so much more heart than I do it's pathetic. Why? Because, although they actually lived through TRUE Jim Crow, they are sittin' lovely because they got up got out and moved on. I loved grad school and being one of 10 blacks in the entire expensive ass school. Why? To let them mothafuckas know I was in their shit! Shit that they didn't want me to be in, graduating with their books and fuck theM! I was speaking up, cursing out and taking numbers!
The best form of revenge is success. if you can beat them at their own game . . . whew! You'd be one strong muthafucka (i.e Russell Simmons, Colin Powell, Willie Brown, Johnnie Cochran, a whole bucnch of muthafuckas I graduated with).

And yeah, they make it hard. But so fucking what! Think how hard it was to cross a fucking ocean for 40 days in a cramped ass boat. You know they're devils. Just like you know that pit bulls bite, so you prepare yourself for the bite and keep strolling down the street, or you stroll down a different street but you still get there.

We gotta get past his whining shit. Our efforts would be better served another way. Fuck them! Take their fucking loans, go to school and pay $50 / month for the rest of your life. So fucking what! OPTIONS PEOPLE! Education is the key to all of this shit. y'all act like white folks don't work hard too. We give up before the hard part comes.

Our reality is different from theirs. It's our destiny. We need to stop trying to be like them. Lions are kings of the jungles. Do you see elephants walking around trying ot be Lions? Fuck naw! They being the best damn elephants they can be, runnin' shit. They're like, fuck a lion. He ain't shit. I don't even fuck with zebras. Elks are whatever. They don't taste that damn good anyway. Why I wanna compete with him?

OPTIONS PEOPLE! EDUCATION = OPTIONS. the person who said they could repay us with free school was on point like a muthafucka! And don't give me that shit about euoicentric education. There are plenty of college classes about your history. Use some of those elective courses for that and shut the fuck up! Fuck whitey! We can do this shit. We are stronger than, them, that's why they work so hard to stay at the top. Can you imagine? The only place to fall, is down. And when they do? I'll be waving bye at that white muthafucka.