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Topic subjectRE: I aint goin' no-where
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25464, RE: I aint goin' no-where
Posted by guest, Mon May-22-00 02:12 PM
first of all, why are you cursing at me/referring to what i said with a curse? i have no problems about expressing ones self passionately, but you have no right to curse at me and tell me to "stop perpetrating that bullshit." lets be honest about slavery and its by-products and the romanticized notions that many people of african descent have about going back to africa. you can not deny that there are some people who will not A)ever want to "go back" to africa
B)ever want to welcome people of african descent back to africa. but thats not what this thread is about.

what i just laid down was my opinions. part of the problem with people (like you) on these boards is that they dont know how to tactfully and respectfully disagree with someone. i read your "ideal" solution to this problem, and even though i may not agree with it, i would never take the tone that youve taken with me. who do you think you are? im trying so hard not to raise up on you, but im trying (very hard) not to disrespect you back--cause thats not what im about.

but what i will do is perpetuate the truth.
as always (as i try so hard to be),