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Topic subjectThe New Zealand Situation
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25454, The New Zealand Situation
Posted by guest, Fri May-19-00 11:13 PM
I am from Aotearoa/ New Zealand (close to Australia -for those who are unaware), and a very similar 'big payback' situation is already underway. Maori peole are the indigenous people of Aotearoa; the population is about 3.5 million, and we make up 15% of the population.

To sum it up-we got skrewed; we lost our land base, aspects of our culture and language, many of our people were killed... Many Maori including myself can relate to the experience of Africans in the USA, due to the fact that we got skrewed in a similar manner.That is one reason why Maori dig hip hop... we have on own hip hop thang going on down here too. Cats are breakdancing all over the place... im straying from my point a little though.

At the moment we make up the wack socio-economic statistics... the poorest/ highest improsonment rate/ disproportionate university populations- the list goes on for most indicators. The educational, economic and social achievement gap between Maori and non-Maori is widening. Maori people are disadvantaged in virtually every area of economic development.

During the last 15 years in New Zealand, due to increasing Maori political activism, and the government seeking to contain this potential threat (and other issues that I am not fully aware of), the government has undertaken policies that attempt to make redress for the past injustices the state had historically imposed on us.

What I can say from our experience, is that there are heaps of problems that spring up when the government attempts to make monetary redress for the past.

Money has been devolved through a tribal system- tribes (or 'iwi')to this day link with their homelands... therefore the rationale has been to give the money one tribe in a particular area. This is problematic as wothin that one area there are many Maori who do not descend from the endowed iwi; so they miss out.

This also has the effect of creating division amongst Maori people; different tribes are competing with eachother for the money. (Many people see the whole New Zealand big payback as a scheme to create division amongst us; when previously we were united).

Problems have also occurred where money has been devolved to particular members of iwi who have squandered the wealth on dumbass investments. Before the rest see any benefit.

It also dreates a whole big dependancy syndrome; Tribes get caught up in competing with one another, and become dependant on the redressal handouts for their solution.

But there are others with insight, and a movement toward sovereignty or Maori independance continues. We call it 'Tino Rangatiratanga'.

There are two main points I wish to make- things I have learned from our experience; (I am not full of solutions at the moment but I am trying to come up with some)...1 One is that there should be appropriate structures in place before the process begins; that will safe gaurd against Babylonians getting the money and buying themselves cars and houses while their people continue to suffer.

2 The money should be put into something that creates LONG TERM benefits for the people. Giving each African American or Maori person 200$ will not do much to advance our overall causes. Investing in education programmes and stuff to that effect would be a wiser investment.

THink long term benfits and structures...

Also, in my opinion, regardless of thre fact that monetary payment can never fully compensate for the historic and continual suffering that Africans have suffered at the hands of the USA Babylon system, I believe that certain movements toward the overall goal of justice and equality, whether through some form of recompensation, or another method (perhaps a revolution) is a step in the right direction- so support it.

I gotta stop typing- I have to finish my essay before Monday. THe essay happens to be on this same topic- I shall return tomorrow.

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