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25450, RE: Should we get something?....
Posted by guest, Fri May-19-00 06:17 AM
>If they are giving shit away,
>we it true that we
>should be the first to
>get it. But I'm
>not sure if we actually
>need anything else from them.
> Seems like everything they
>"give" to us, fucks us
>up more. Besides by them
>giving something to us, it
>automatically puts us into a
>"needy/helpless" category.

Needy and helpless my ass. White America hasn't given us anything. They think if they throw a couple of bones, like welfare and quotas, our way that we'll shut up for a few more years. Did you know that as a foreigner you can apply for grants (money you don't have to pay back) to start businesses but yet we have to give both our legs and a lung to get a high ass intrest loan from a bank. Why don't they try paying us back for four hundred years of lives, sweat, and the building of America. How bout those tax breaks someone was talking about or Free college educations for our children, hell why don't they try giving that 40 acres and mule they've been promising for upteen years. The things they call help to our faces are actually meant to keep us at bay. They are not meant for our people to progress and become independent as a race. They are designed to keep us DEPENDENT upon them. No, i don't want a new car or a promise to "make everything better". I want plain old justice. Fuck a free convertable give me liberty or give me death!

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