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Topic subjectRE: Am I wrong or just upset?
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25445, RE: Am I wrong or just upset?
Posted by guest, Thu May-18-00 11:10 AM
>How can we, as a people,
>worry about reparations being given
>to another country or people
>when America has yet to
>deal with it's past atrocities
>of slavery. America is
>ready & willing to deal
>with all problems but their
>own. I've been following
>the Taliban regime in Aphganistan.
> I get petitions to
>sign, emails to enlighten and
>all kind of info on
>this horrific regime. These
>people are oppressing the female
>masses. They can't work or
>go to school, they must
>be covered head to feet,
>they aren't even allowed in
>public without a male partner.
> These women are stoned
>and beat to death daily
>for simply showing an inch
>of skin or talking out
>of turn. My point
>is America has a plight
>now to save the women
>of the Taliban movement (occupied
>since 1996) but I hold
>myself back because I keep
>thinking "What about the plight
>of African Americans that white
>America ignores?" Am I
>being selfish. Am I
>wrong for thinking of the
>horrors that my people experienced.
> I felt the same
>way when America intervined and
>went to Kosovo. I
>beleive no one should be
>treated inhumane but civil wars
>have been going on in
>parts of Africa for centuries
>and America doesn't rush to
>their aid so excuse me
>if I don't cry out
>"O Lord, bless the Serbs"
>and send in a big
>hearty check for the cause.
> White America always have
>relayed the message that "white'
>lives are more important than
>"african" lives. The same
>with the whole Elian Gonzalez
>case. Haitian immigrants are
>sent back daily, kids and
>all but once again America
>says wait, Elian is different.
> He might need to
>stay. Sure they say
>he's a political refugee but
>come on! he's a kid
>not a priest or politician.
> I'm sorry but before
>America deals with the worlds
>problems how bout they face
>up to the ones in
>there very own backyard.
>Maybe then I can feel
>more attuned to their plights
>of human rights elsewhere.
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**True, It's kinda like the police officer who works diligently to protect and serve the public, but then goes home and beats or negleact the family.