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Topic subjectRE: the big payback
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25440, RE: the big payback
Posted by guest, Wed May-17-00 05:59 PM
sorry, did not mean to do that. okay, its funny how much we want some big payback ish, but the bottom line is that we do not even respect our selves enough for anyone to take us serious, really.... i mean, we can not even committe to ourselves, listen to ourselves, marry our own, buy our own product, etc. so, you wanna talk about payback! sorry love, i dig you and all but "our country?!!!" America never belonged to "black(african) people" nor does the land belong to caucasians who till today refuse to identify themselves otherwise. i mean i don't see caucasians as "white people"(shit, michael jacson is white) cuz for real lets look at the meaning, what "whiteness" as become, superoity. it actually blow's some people's mind when they say "i am white" and i turn around and say "where are your people from?" let talk, if you can actually tell me that ish... if not you are not better than dem KKK's. As far as Africans in american, not being able to say a particular place in the continent as a place of orgin, that's understandable, but as long as you keep thinking that this land belong to you, american gov't will give you nothing but DEAD!!!!, parent's diggin their children's graves. in the school of thought that i come from Africans in america is yet nothing but another ethnic group(earthly group) like Ibo's are another ethnic group of Nigeria.
so, let first take that our country ish our of our minds, then maybe we can build a foundation where an outsider will take you seriou and respect you. lets build

"i wanna take you to africa and wash your hair in the rivers of my childhood" me...Copyright 2000