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Topic subjectYou wanna lexus or justice????
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25439, You wanna lexus or justice????
Posted by guest, Wed May-17-00 02:09 PM
at first i was like, "i dont give a damn about a tax break." but then i thought about the clergy and was like,"ummmm."

then the 5.0 and, what was it? lojack attached. who the hell wants that? when you roll it off the lot it depreciates by 28%

now the 40 acres and a mule. i could live with 40 acres. you could do a lot with 40 acres. it property it has value.

but then maybe cash reparations--plus interest--no doubt, would be the best for everyone who has american ancestors. sheet. the japanese got cash reparations for being in interment camps as soon as hiroshima was bombed. you know, thats some deep shit. they done gave money to every racial and ethnic group, cept people of african descent. what message are they trying to send to us? (rhetorical question). but id definitely go with the reparations--adjusted to reflect the inflation rate today--plus the interest since day ONE that shit began--like in the 1600. they dont want that. then black folk would be millionares and then perhaps then WED be in a position to be racists--given that fact that one needs a substantial amt. of financial resources (amongst other things) in order to be deemed a true racist.