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Topic subjectPAYBACK????
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25438, PAYBACK????
Posted by nick, Wed May-17-00 01:41 PM
This is an interesting question because recently i have been putting deep thought into this country and the way it was founded, this is due to my US History class this year at college and multiple discussions with friends and family about the issue.

MANIFEST DESTINY is the biggest reason i believe that America is in such a sad state. This elitist view led us to believe that the white european was better than other races. America was built upon treachery of other races from Indians to African Americans. We all know about slavery and other ways that the leaders of America has wrongly opressed others to build the country. Sadly, even though our leaders FINALLY recognized that African Americans deserved equal rights and were equal people, racism is still alive today.

It is a serious problem that America's government even today is too corrupt and ignorant to recognize the problems posed, including the one questlove posed.

NO Payback would ever be enough to pay back African Americans who were slaves and families of slaves. The damage is done.

The way America was built makes me sick when i really think about it and i finally realized this year that America is not the land of the free and the home of the brave, it is a country that i am often ashamed to call my home. I could talk about this forever (Manifest Destiny and the way America was built was the main topic of my American History class and Fordham this spring and it really opened up to the real history of our country) but i'll stop now. Peace to all.