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Topic subjectthere is no payback...
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25432, there is no payback...
Posted by guest, Wed May-17-00 01:15 PM
reperations for a continuous carnage sparked over 500 years ago?
what the fuck is payback?
the amerikan goverment won't officialy recognize slavery due to the fact that it still exists; the paradox of schools & jails that's happening right now is very real and not very much of a mistake.
amerika's not gonna pay anyone.
they still want to get rid of us... whether it's more black men in jail than on the street in d.c. or the nuclear waste being dumped on indian reservations in yucca mountain, amerika hasn't stopped trying to rid us from the face of the planet.
fuck a payback.
what the hell?
walking up to the 4 pigs that killed Amadou Diallo and expecting an apology?
Mumia expecting to be let go from the grips of death row by amerika simply cause him being put there isn't right?
let Assata come home free of all charges so she could be with her daughter and she's innocent?

people that hate you aren't gonna do what's right. why haven't we figured that shit out yet?

fuck a payback.

mobilize while you still can cause amerika's agenda to wipe out all minoritys living within it's borders is very far from a fucking secret.

(no disrespect intended towards ?uestlove nor anyone else who deserves reperations. if i sound angry it's cause i don't want you asking the snake who bit you for an apology, it's just gonna bite you again)


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