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Posted by HoChiGrimm, Thu Mar-20-03 09:01 PM
>I think it's important to note that Hitler took power in
>1933, and it wasn't until 1935, the year that you refer to,
>that Hitler began his evil run. So any ideas that you have
>about America supporting Hitler during the holocaust, or
>even during his violations of human rights are wrong.

I really feel bad for you, as you cont-
inuaslly grasp at straws.

My man, the U.S. State Department
described Hitler as "a moderate who
stands, in 1937, between extremes
of right and left" and they said that
"Hitler must win or else the masses now
supported by the disillusioned middle
classes might turn to the left and that
would be a tragedy" (Chomsky, 2000).

Moreover, U.S. companies such as
Ford, GM, Standard Oil, Chase Nat-
ional Bank, and ITT all loved had
connections to his regime (Trading
With The Enemy: An Exposť of the
Nazi-American Money Plot 1933-1949,
by Charles Higham (Delacorte Press,

In the case of Mussolini, the State
Department hailed his "magnificent
achievements" in Ethiopia, and his
"astonishing contributions" to the
welfare of the masses in Italy itself.
FDR in 1939 wrote internally that the
efforts of the man he had called 'that
admirable Italian gentleman.'

>As far as the jews and the quotas, I know you aren't trying
>to put America's stance on immigration back then on equals
>with Hitlers views on the Jewish during his reign. The Quota
>Act wasn't a restiction on Jewish immigration alone, it was
>a resrtiction on immigration as a whole. Jews were just in
>the wrong place at the wrong time.

The Immigration Restriction Act
of 1924, was designed consciously
to halt the immigration of supposedly
"dysgenic" Italians and Jews, whose
numbers had mushroomed during the
period from 1900 to 1920.

Breckenridge Long, as head of the
State Department, greatly reduced
Jewish immigration to the US to
control possible spies and sabot-
eurs from coming to America. Long
was willing to use illegal means to
control the flow of Jewish refugees.
He ordered American consulates to
put every obstacle in the path of
immigrants trying to come to America.
Long centralized the final approval of
all visas to the State Department
office in America, making the process
much slower and increasing the paperwork
and time needed for approval.