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Topic subjectRE: I could care less..
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25405, RE: I could care less..
Posted by Quest4Knowledge, Wed Mar-19-03 07:37 PM
>I come here to debate because I'm bored. I know I'm right,
>and I know those on my side are right.

So confident, arent we? Ahh, Rome was too. I hear they turned out fine.

When this is all said
>and done, it will be apparent to the world that we were in
>the right, and those on your side were severly mistaken.

Who is "we"? You and your imaginary friend?

>You express the same view as France for Christ sake. The
>same France who turned their head when Hitler was building
>his evil regime in Germany. Like France, you are all about
>the United Nations, who since it's inception in 1945 has
>only backed up their resolutions by force twice, once in
>Korea, the other time in Iraq in 91.

You support this body
>who has Lybia as head of the Commission on Human Rights, and
>Iraq as head of the disarmament comittee. You support this
>body who has failed time and time again. Allowing genocide
>to take place in Yugolsavia, allowing 800,000 to be
>slaughtered in Rwanda. Then you say baseless bullshit like
>"Why rush to war", when the UN has thrown 15 resolutions at
>Iraq over the last 11 years, and Saddam has defied each and
>every one of them.

More assumptions... only I doubt they don't apply to the two people you were addressing because I don't think either of them give a damn about france, the UN or whether saddam is disarmed or not. You dont know anyones specific opinions on specific topics and instead make offbase assumptions built off your perception of the narrowminded, "us vs. them" mentality. How sad.

Then you come with this "Unilateral"
>argument, when nothing about this campaign is unilateral.

Only 4 nations specifically involved in military combat (all of whom are western and very specific allies) and this ISNT unilateral?

>Your whole anti-war "movement" is predicated on nonsense and
>anybody with a moderate intelligence level can see that.

I guess most of the world, and not to mention 30-50% americans have no intelligence. But then again, 50% of americans (the other half) think most of the 9/11 hijackers were Iraqi so maybe I shouldnt even go there.

>Now, unless you stand to profit from your ignorant
>anti-america babble like Amira Baraka, Michael Moore, or any
>of these other pieces of shit, you will probably not share
>their views when you get older.

::claps:: half decent rebuttal. I'd give you a B+.

>That would be my bet.

Peace and Love