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Topic subjectRE: Tearing apart poor argumentation.
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25389, RE: Tearing apart poor argumentation.
Posted by Seenic, Thu Mar-20-03 02:57 PM
>>Who has addressed what I posted?
>That's not the point.

That's exactly the point. You expect me other conservatives here to always prove these articles you all post wrong, but yet none of you ever respond to articles we post, specifically the one I posted yesterday. If you want me to spend hours upon hours refuting statements in articles that you post, then you and your friends here need to start doing the same thing.

>>Furthermore, do you actually expect me to go research, and
>>refute every last charge on that 10 paragraph page?

>Yes. That's what you are supposed to do if you are trying
>to have a sound debate/discussion about this article as a

I agree, start practicing what you preach.

>If you want to have a more specific conversation try
>sticking to ONE topic, and give points to support your

I do all the time.

>>No thank you.
>>And I'm not a libertarian.
>Who cares what you are? One thing trascends any label that
>can be applied to you: You are weak.

I'm weak?

I'm not the one who jumps on the anti-America bandwagon and gives up every fiber of my individuality to join this little bullshit movement/club. I'm not the one who lets myself get programmed by communists on a daily basis. I'm not the one that has invented this grudge that keeps me from seeing the truth about my country. I don't need to march with a thousand idiots in the streets to feel validated as human being.