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Topic subjectTearing apart poor argumentation.
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25386, Tearing apart poor argumentation.
Posted by FireBrand, Thu Mar-20-03 12:10 PM
>>u still havent addressed the article. but thats ok. i
>>understand your tactic.
>>'liberals' - 1
>>libertarians - 0
>Who has addressed what I posted?

That's not the point. You were the one to refute said article, the burden of proof is on you,furthermore, you dodged the question YET AGAIN by asking one of your own. *tsk tsk*
>Furthermore, do you actually expect me to go research, and
>refute every last charge on that 10 paragraph page?

Yes. That's what you are supposed to do if you are trying to have a sound debate/discussion about this article as a whole. If you want to have a more specific conversation try sticking to ONE topic, and give points to support your argument.

>No thank you.


>And I'm not a libertarian.

Who cares what you are? One thing trascends any label that can be applied to you: You are weak.

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