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Topic subjectif its going to go down
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25357, if its going to go down
Posted by Abbstrack, Mon Mar-17-03 06:21 AM
which its apparent it is..then as a spectator, i can analyze the sides cant i

maybe i should change something up. im not 'pro-war' in the sense that like you said, i would like to see this stuff changed without the shed of blood.

but the fact is that its d-day. things are going down pretty soon. i hate the fact that americans and iraqis will be putting their lives on the line for the exploits of a few men. its really sad, and my heart goes out to the families of everyone involved...from the most pro-war general to the cadet from brooklyn who's scared shitless cuz he doenst know what the hell lies ahead for him in iraq...also to the mothers of the soon to be dissappeared in iraq.

but if we win this thing, then we just become more powerful. i dont think thats necessarily a good thing.