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Topic subjectyou're right. we won't.
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25354, you're right. we won't.
Posted by LexM, Mon Mar-17-03 05:54 AM
that's why i'm really considering leaving this country. i'm just sick of the guilt by association factor @ this point.

...les francais frisent sont belge.

here's your alternatives....
1. reevaluate ALL existing wmd treaties and force compliance across the board. make us re-sign the treaty dubya backed out of. be held liable by the world court. etc. act like we share the planet w/ others
2. let the inspectors work.
3. insure that, in exchange for continued disarmament, the sanctions are lifted from the iraqi people. create infrastructure.
4. with a delegation of iraqi & other mideast factions, discuss alternatives to current governmental structures IN KEEPING WITH their cultural integrity and sovreignty
5. disarm israel. what's good for the goose...
6. finish what we started in afghanistan (not like i agree w/ that either, really, but...) and truly work to restabilize the country
7. give more attention to alternative energy sources.
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