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Topic subjectDollar versus the euro...
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25339, Dollar versus the euro...
Posted by Archaic, Sat Mar-15-03 05:18 PM
exactly why France and Germany are against a US invasion of Iraq. They benefit from OPEC taking the euro exclusively instead of the dollar. But then again so does OPEC when we consider that the euro is partially backed by gold and the dollar isn't anything but a magician's illusion.

Y'all really want a change in America, then work on changing our monetary and banking systems. If not, this recession that we're in will never end. In other words, if we can't compete now with all of our manufacturing industries already shipped overseas and our dollar losing worth by the second, how the fuck are we ever supposed to recover?

And please, please, please at the very least wake up to the fact that Saddam Hussein is an asset to the Bush family. Yes, he is supposed to look like an enemy, but realistically he is merely a nifty tool in the Bush tackle box who has always done the bidding of the Bush's. The only reason Bush wants to "remove" Hussein now, is so that he can replace him with his father's next preferred puppet.