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Topic subjectRE: Gotta do the reading.
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2532, RE: Gotta do the reading.
Posted by Sopdet, Wed Dec-17-03 06:05 AM
Chancellor Willams gets much of his information about ancient Kmt wrong. If you know very little about the civlization then you should read this,but be warned that this book is extremely weak on the footnotes and bibliography.

Modern Egyptians are not foregin Arabs,nor are we invaders. We are the desendants of the ancient Egyptians. The people who can claim exclusive right to this are the Sa3eadi,Baladi,and Fellahin in Upper Egypt. We have never mixed with any Arabs. The Arans opressed us and made us virtual slaves in our own homeland.

Much of the elite in Egypt still are foreginers that have ties to the Turkish,French or British. I have no problem in people studying out history but please stop trying to bend us to fit into your political agendas!!!!!!!!

in Box me if you wish to know more about Egyptians and Egypt. I am an authenic Sa3eadi who had every right to claim who my ancestors are!!!!!!