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Topic subjectso...is White-Racism a hallucination...re: The "Less Fortunate"?
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25337, so...is White-Racism a hallucination...re: The "Less Fortunate"?
Posted by blaXXX, Thu Mar-10-05 11:54 AM
Because I see YEARS and YEARS of Legislation here in this Nation (Eman.Procl./Title 7 of '64/Racial Profiling Act of '98/Civil Rights Acts/50 State's Constitution/etc.)that totally contradict your premise as they clearly define how VERY TRUE it is that multitudes of folk are not victims of 'choices THEY made' when their Life gets turned upside down------but ARE victims of choices made by xenophobic white-racists with FAR MORE power.

I especially think this as I see year after year after year, our Congressmen and both Supreme & Appeal Courts all CONTINUE TO re-vote these Laws back onto the books and for Enforcement. And even President Bush admitted that the 'playing-field is not level yet' in 2003. Where do you think he got the Proof/Info/veracity to make such a statement? I say he used the research provided to him from REAL LIFE TUMULTUOUS inequality faced by Blackfolk and other minority Americans living impoverished and less-fortunate as a result, thereof.

Now, do you propose that all those powerful folk are just hallucinating about what elements in AmeriKKKa DO create a less-fortunate and/or impoverished situation for someone-----independent of 'their own' decisions?