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25335, View from the outside
Posted by guest, Sun Apr-15-01 02:00 PM
Aiight... time for the outsidas view. It all sounds like the US has it's systems running fine- that pyramid on ya dollar bill represents a lot, right? Like the top 1% of the wage earners making sure their kids follow them, the top 10% pushing their kids into that 1%, and the poorest 60% just wanna stretch their pay packet so they can eat for the next week... That whole college institution (y'know, that flow-through from the 'best' college to the highest-paying jobs), sounds like the whole goddamn show needs a shake-up, from the root to the fruit.

But maybe i'm too much of an outsider- where I'm living (Aotearoa/New Zealand) average income is about $30,000(NZ) a year- in $US that's about $13k, so I'm on about US$6,000 a year... damn... And that's plenty to live on, with heapsa $$ left to buy vinyl, weed and the other essentials...

I don't know, I can't really get enough of a view on your country to preach exactly what needs to change- even though 80% of our television content over here (on all three channels!) is American, I never learnt about Ramen noodles until I started hitting Okayplayer every a.m. Generally, it just seems so black and white (and no, don't excuse the pun)- the divisions are drawn early on, you just follow your parents, rich getting richer while the poor get the picture....

(You've probly guessed I'm an artist/dj and not an IT consultant, too..)

Basically, all y'all should just move down to Wellington (except for M2, probably be too much of a pay cut)- but the rest of you, join our pacific melting pot. Ain't no Ivy League schools, we got a full welfare system, and we got a Rastafarian in parliament. Booyakashah.

check the sound of wellington..