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Topic subjectBullshit.
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25324, Bullshit.
Posted by alek, Wed Apr-11-01 01:16 PM
>Working for a living and seeing
>how Business and the Corporate
>Machine work at a high
>level is the Real World,
>College is not.

Seeing how business runs and working at the top of the ladder puts one completely out of touch with the majority of our country. How is that the real world? The real world is people not getting health care, people not getting good education, etc.

Whether I'm in college or not has nothing to do with my perception of the real world, just as my age has nothing to do with it. I've made a real and direct effort to see what's out there besides upper-middle class life. I live now in one of the poorest communities in the country.

>you don't
>really learn anything about Business
>until you start working.

I worked all through high school. Not for a living, but I worked about 30 hours a week.

Look, I'll be the first person to admit that I have limited experiencel/knowledge about running a business. But that doesn't mean I have limited experience/knowledge about the real world, so you can stop trying to dismiss me on those grounds.


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