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Topic subjectRE: Are you guys on the PIPE!
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25320, RE: Are you guys on the PIPE!
Posted by alek, Tue Apr-10-01 08:11 AM
>RE: Are you guys on the PIPE!

No, but whatever college you went to, they need to teach you how to use question marks.

>Graduates MAJORING IN Accounting, Finance, Engineering,
>Comp Sci, MIS these are
>the people I'm talking about...NOT
>the GENERAL freaking populace.

You said that you saw your middle class friends succeeding (going through that whole list: financial aid, college, first year, house, 50K) because of their "expectations," and you asserted that if people (and I assume you were including the Blue Collar kids who you compared them to) expected to do better, they would.


And how to spell.

>What fields are YOU
>working in! What did you

I haven't graduated yet.

>Again, did you go to college?

I'm there now. Just finishing up my first year at Yale.


1. Put above in pipe.
2. Smoke it.

>you working in the real

Yes. Volunteering at the hospital, organizing undergraduates and student/labor coalitions.

>Come back when you have something
>real, I'm not posting on
>this topic until someone does.

Somebody give M2 back his teddy bear.


"Say some shit that suprise me...
My face don't change."