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Topic subjectAre you guys on the PIPE!
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25319, Are you guys on the PIPE!
Posted by M2, Tue Apr-10-01 08:04 AM
Graduates MAJORING IN Accounting, Finance, Engineering, Comp Sci, MIS these are the people I'm talking about...NOT the GENERAL freaking populace. What part of that is so friggin hard to understand! I'm talking about people in THOSE FIELDS, not the Average JOE!!!

MI GAWD! What fields are YOU working in! What did you MAJOR IN!

ONE LAST TIME, IN THOSE FIELDS...it is not hard to make 50k. IN THOSE FIELDS...I'm not talking people who didn't major in those fields...

Again, did you go to college?....are you working in the real world?....what real experience are you basing thise on..with respect to those Majors?!

Come back when you have something real, I'm not posting on this topic until someone does.