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Posted by M2, Tue Apr-10-01 08:54 AM
My bad, I should not have made assumptions about your salary because you were arguing with me. You could be making 60k/year and just don't think that most people can do that.

Anyway, I don't even tell my Mama how much I make...so I'm not going there on the boards. If you really know in order to have an idea, for the sake of argument credibility, inbox me and I can point you to two resources that give VERY accurrate predictions of what someone who does what I do: Sr. Business Analyst/Mid Level Project Mgr. can expect to make in the Philadelphia area.

Hell, since you're going into an IT Mgt. training program, I can give you some pointers there as well.

I'm not really mad at you per se, I just hate it when people seem to be placing limits on themselves that I don't believe exist.



P.S. I don't need reality "checks", I prefer the kind I can cash.