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Posted by M2, Tue Apr-10-01 07:28 AM
I read all the stats, my stats came from the Bureau of Labor statistics too! You simply misinterpreted what you read and I already explained that.

To say 50k as a cap for accountants is ludicrous! You know how many accountants make more then that, or hit 6 figures by age 30?! It's laughable, that a CPA would never make more then 50k.

Shoot, I was looking at accountants to do my taxes earlier this year who wanted $75/hour on the low end and to 200+ at the high. If they could bill just 30 hours/week that's a range of 117k to 234k+ Accountants at the Big 5 usually start out in the 35-45 range and finish much higher...and you don't work for a Big 5 for the money...(they don't pay well....not until you're partner anyway) you work for the experience so you can work someplace else!

If you want to misinterpret facts and have low expectations, go right ahead. It will be your fault when people pass you over.