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Posted by M2, Tue Apr-10-01 07:21 AM
Did you graduate from college?

Are you working in the real world?

I suspect you haven't done either, or if you did you're low expectations are holding you back and preventing you from succeeding.

I've seen this before, people who don't think certain salaries are possible or that they can work for certain companies. Then they get passed up by less talented people whose only advantage is that they believe.

Then when presented with the facts of what is possible, they have to argue to save face and/or claim that the norm..simply..isn't.

In my first post on this thread, I talked about how my friends from Middle class backgrounds are doing better then the ones from Blue Collar ones....simply because of expectations......not neccessarily talent or even opportunities.

Apparently, you're one of those people whose expectations or lack of confidence holds them back.

If you want to keep believing the salary ranges and "caps" as you call them are all that's reasonable to expect for most people..then go ahead. I can't stop you. I just hope you wake and/or not spread this nonsense to other young people who are just finishing college.

My numbers come from experience and the salary surveys of college graduates.....and you didn't really interpret your numbers correctly.....so what are we really arguing here. Hmm?

Peace Out,