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Topic subjectWhere are you getting your numbers?
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25304, Where are you getting your numbers?
Posted by M2, Mon Apr-09-01 08:09 AM
25k - 30k in the financial sector? Are you nuts! The only way you're making that little is if you're a bank teller or doing low level book keeping/analysis work for some local business. The financial sector pays more then any other industry, so when you consider the fact that the average college graduate makes about 346...40k for someone in finance isn't out of the question.

My Sr. year of college, it was common practice for all of us to share our compensation packages with our friends. It wasn't a huge Sr. class (1,000 students) so after awhile...you knew the starting salaries of most of the kids who had jobs before Graduation. People who had jobs in Accounting/Finance/Engineering/Comp Sci pretty all broke the 40k barrier coming out school. The mean was about 45k starting out. Some were as high as 55-60k or even more.

The only reason I even said 35-45, was because I knew some kids who didn't put a lot of work into their studies or the job search, and because I knew some people who had confidence issues and didn't apply to top companies and ended up taking salaries in the 30-35k range. I also knew a couple of others, who decided they didn't want to work in those industries (even though they had majors in them) and ended up floating around trying to "find themselves"..still making 30 wasn't hard for these people.

But let's assume my school was exceptional, it's one of the better schools in the country right? The graduates from it are bound to make more.

BUT, based on my day to day work experience...I'd have to disagree with you. Just thinking about the salaries of the young people who work/have worked for me...a lot of the Jr. people fresh out of college are making 45-50...last year we hired a girl fresh out of college (we hired her two days after graduation) to do some low level grunt work...she had almost no experience, went to a mediocre school, had a so/so IT Degree (MIS) had maybe one job her whole life....she started out at 50k.

Take a look at this:


I rest my case, if you can't make within 5k of those starting salaries in your field..that's on you for not taking care of Business in school.

25-30k? C'mon....even teachers can make more than that!

I don't mean to sound daft, but I think you have low expectations that are not in touch with today's Job Market.

Peace Out,