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25303, Hold up
Posted by urbgriot, Mon Apr-09-01 05:39 AM
>Apply to college, apply for Financial
>Aid (if you can get
>it) no aid..take out loans...Major
>Finance/Accounting/Economics/Enginering/Comp Sci, or something else
>with a decent starting salary.....you
>make 35-45 coming out of
>college..while your girlfriend (soon to
>be fiance) does the same.
>In your late 20s...you hope
>to be making about 50-70...you
>get married...now you make about
>100-140 together. You buy your
>first house for about 150
>- 200k (either saving for
>the downpayment yourself, or through
>a combination of borrowing from
>family and your own savings)
>you fix up that house
>and sell it in 5
>years for about 200 -
>250k...or more. Then you take
>that money and buy the
>350k house, buy the BMW.....

Very shaky, only a small ammount of people can expect that kind of growth at such an early age, if ever. This is very dependent on the area you live in, the job market at the time, the kind of job you hired at. For the most part most Finiancial Sector entry level position, even with college degree, begin in the $25,000 to $30,000 range. Now as far as the other careers in the more technical fields(IT, engineering, Comp SI) the difference is higher pay, but again is this a good measure for the average college graduate..