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25289, More crackpots
Posted by M2, Tue Apr-10-01 07:59 AM
-How do you know that by simply making a car with Aluminum that it is going to kill the workers? That wasn't the case here, the problem here is that they wouldn't need as much steel and the steel union would raise a ruckus.

I think that the biggest problem facing America's automakers is the fact that any serious paradigm change is often impossible due to the unions and the size of these company's. But it is going to take a serious Paradigm change to get our cars truly competitive with the foreign ones. The only reason caddilac had more sales then the foreign car makers is because they had loyal customers, (typically older...who were refusing to buy foreign) now those people have given up......and Caddilac can't do much to get them back. They can just sell their technology to Lexus and Mercedes...but they can't sell their technology in their own cars....what kind of Jack isht is that?

-How come it is okay for the workers to just see their perspective but not for the company?

If executives run the Business, Market the products, Design the Products, decide which products to make, map out the strategic direction of the company and do the things that keep the factories running and the demand for cars up...why should the guy who just screws on mufflers all day get paid the same? They are more people who can work on assembly lines then can be good executives (or even mediocre ones for that matter)..so why should the laborers get paid the same?

The execs are charged with making sure that company runs well and that it continues to make money....(not to mention earnings growth and stock market issues) the workers have to screw bolts....not the same thing. I don't think workers are going to lose their job if their unit misses earnings targets...

Anyway, I stand by my previous comments. Company's should pay fair wages, health benefits, etc...WHILE YOU'RE still employed. If they decide they no longer need to employ you for financial reasons, then that's the way the cookie crumbles.

As for me, in terms of % of income drop let's say I would be hurt more by a 2 month layoff then an Auto Worker.

It boggles my mind that you think you have a right to tell someone what they can do with their own company...e.g. not lay people off or move jobs out of the country.......

People need to know how to build wealth more then they need more money. Otherwise, they'll spend it all and the gap will get bigger...because they are pumping money in the hands of the wealthy. Besides the "workers" are never going to receive the kind of money it would take to give them enough disposable income to make them wealthy just on an income basis. The company's would just raise prices and it wouldn't matter if they made more.

Arghh, I'm sick of you socialist crack pots...so sure you know what's good for the worker.....but having no understanding of how business works. Funny how 99% of you have never had a serious Business Job.......

In my own life, I've had to make reccomendations to companies that they bring in new technology which would result in them having to let people go..and/or reccomending that they let people go in order to make their IT departments more efficient. Call me what you will, and I don't enjoy it...but it's neccessary for the long term health of the company as a whole.

Luckily, there isn't an IT Union......

What's next? Naderism(s)? Everyone gets a job by law? No one can make more then 100k, the CEO cannot make more then 30x the average salary of the rest of the people working at the company?