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Posted by M2, Sun Apr-08-01 02:34 PM

-Back in 1999, Caddilac came up with a rather innovative roadster, it would be be able to go head to head with the foreign roadsters and help bring caddilac back to the forefront of Luxury car building. BUT, it never really made it past concept phase....because they knew the Steelworkers union would freak. Caddilac is making the car, but it's not going to be as innovative as it once was.....thereby not really being that much of a competitor for foreign cars.

If Caddilac is able to re-establish itself as one of the premier luxury car manufacturers...that's better for the company as a whole and better for the workers.

BUT, due to the Union's strangehold...it may never happen.

So Caddilac's market share will slip, they will make less money and be forced to lay people off. Just 3 years ago, Caddilac sold more luxury cars in the US then anyone else. Now? BMW is #1, Lexus is #2, Mercedes is #3 Caddilac is #4 now.

GO UNION, Caddilac won't use the new technology and the workers keep their jobs...for now. BUT what happens when things get worse for Caddilac? Did the union consider that if they let that car get made as it was originally planned, the company would've been healthier an that would've helped them in the long run?

I understand that workers want more money, not to be laid off, better conditions and what not. BUT, I also understand that if the company isn't healty or is falling behind to competitors, then the company may not be around or will have to lay people off just because they don't have the revenue to keep them...then what?

There has to be a balance between what the workers want and what the company's objectives are. Remember it's the company's focus on profit that made it possible for the workers to have a job in the first place....the reason the company exists is to make money...not to employ people.

Layoffs are often a neccessary part of the business cycle. Car Makers are laying people off because they aren't selling as many cars as they used to, they're laying people off because they are idling factories. What are they supposed to do in those situations? Keep people standing around with no work to do?

How about when companies need to lay people off to make things more efficient? Unions NEVER understand this..they would rather the company get big and bloated and collapse under it's own weight.

It's all about BALANCE....balancing the needs of the community (which is often good for business) with the needs of the workers and the company.

I don't believe in sweatshops or unfair wages, but that doesn't change the fact that layoffs are often neccessary, companies can move work to foreign countries if they want to, and people working manufacturing jobs aren't going to get a lot (a lot and fair are two different things).

The Union only thinks about it's workers, E.g. Wages, No Layoffs, etc. The company thinks about appeasing the Union (No Strikes) and making profits...which pay the workers. I think the Unions need to think about the profits of the company as well, after all if the company wasn't thinking about making money...no one would have a job.

I don't think Miguel should make $6.10/hour or 12k/year...or that he shouldn't have insurance. I also don't think he should be making 30/hour or 60k/year either. 35k? Ok....but not 60.....it's called Balance....

It's true that the companies are thinking about profits, but the Unions only think about their workers, even at the expense of the company.

When the company makes decisions that hurt workers, the company benefits and that helps the people who still have jobs and is important for future growth and keeping the company healthy. When the Union makes decisions that hurt the company, it often ends up hurting the workers anyway. But now both parties are hurt, and the company's ability to employ as many people is hurt....

As for your dismissal of my opinion on building wealth, it is obvious you know nothing about building wealth. Increasing GM worker salaries by 50% will do nothing to build wealth unless they know what to do with the money. You don't get wealthy by working for someone else, (entirely) you have to extra stuff. Study the Forbes 400, you might learn something about wealth building. The simple fact that you said "whatever" to the very methods used to buid wealth, indicates you know nothing about it.

As for the Poor Kids not knowing how to make their dreams come true...I stand by that. My school district got re-districted (a word) itself internally, so instead of going to the Yuppie HS in the district, I went to the 85% Blue Collar one. I knew a lot of Blue Collar kids who had the grades and the smarts to get into college, but never went...never really put it together. The schoool wasn't used to college bound kids so it was of little help. They didn't know about things like Fiancial Aid, or had the wrong idea about loans....

So in a St. where the State school was ranked #42 in the country and cost $3k/year..a lot of smart kids didn't go to college. They thought it was a rich kid thing.......while my yuppie neighboors and the kids from the other school went on to college and good careers.

SO I stand by my theory that a lot of poor kids don't know how to make their dreams come true....which just makes it harder because even if they did know...it would be difficult. But if you don't know how to start.....what chance do you have? It's not like Poor kids go to college in droves and just drop out....or try really hard to get in and don't get accepted anywhere.

Peace Out,