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Topic subjectRE: what "cultural traits" are keeping people poor?
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25279, RE: what "cultural traits" are keeping people poor?
Posted by Expertise, Fri Apr-13-01 02:35 PM
There are alot of traits that vary from demographic to demographic, whether it's gender, age, geography, etc. However I think key problems exist within the black community due to the lack of ambition and achievement, particularly within education and within employment. This is a crucial one. For one thing African-Americans have always looked at each other as a collective group, and always looked towards someone or a group of someones to "lead" us. However they themselves, especially within the last 30 or so yrs, have relayed upon the black community a sense of victimization, setting anything and everything to one universal reason - racism. With this ideal, not only have they indirectly discouraged competition with blacks among whites in particular, but they also have neglected education and job training, which leaves a great deal of black people unqualified for top calibur jobs.

Studies have shown during times of segregation, despite the constant abuse of individual rights given to us, we were still growing enormously in the fields of education and employment. However, such information and statistics have largely been ignored. Why? Because so-called black leaders would have you think that other than a few individual accomplishments nothing was achieved by African-Americans before the passage of the Civil Rights Act. Instead, we have a mentality that is sweeping through the black community that unless we are "protected" by government through laws and legislation that prioritizes us, then we will fall victim to the mighty white hand. Logic and statistics dictate this to be false.

This is only one thing out of many too lengthy to mention. Racism does play a part in alot we do, but not as much as we are led to believe.

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