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Topic subjectWhat In Hell?!
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25273, What In Hell?!
Posted by M2, Sun Apr-08-01 06:29 PM
Expertise and M2 basically agreeing......interesting.....and not to mention strange.

If I were to define poverty to rich.......I'd say your level of poverty or "richness" is dependent on your ability to use your money to save, invest, build wealth, buy property, and provide for your family things beyond food and clothing. E.g. Education

Material possessions have nothing to do with it.

Heck we should just define someone's level of poverty/richness, as an index that factors in net worth and income. Since Poverty is an economic condition, let's just quantify it and make it numbers based and not objective.

Anyway, when it comes to levels of help and being able to overcome adversity...I don't want to make a character judgement on someone if they're poor. They are tons of middle class people who just had better ops growing up and more help, and that's the only difference separating the two. Does one have more character then the other? No....one just had better opportunities.

The Ability to create a decent life for one's self is hard to quantify, all we know is that it seems to be dependent on the life your parents lead. While some people seem to escape, it seems that only the truly exceptional ones do. If we could only devise a way to give the non exceptional a decent shot, similar to your average spawn of middle class parents....then we could reach a point where we could truly say that if one is poor...then it is their own fault.