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25225, RE: Part III
Posted by Cocobrotha2, Tue Jul-17-01 12:33 PM
Feeling all of your posts but I'm especially feeling this one.

>Why do black people think that
>our biggest obstacle to elevation
>is that we all should
>agree? It seems that most
>of our activism/books/articles regarding the
>state of our people, seem
>to revolve around convincing other
>Blacks to see things our

Audre Lord once said about the black community, "The call for unity is often misnamed as a call for homogeneity...."
People seem to forget it was the radicalism of Malcolm teamed with the non-violent measures of King that brought about any semblance of change in America. Neither could have accomplished much without the other and I think Malcolm once even admitted that. There is more than one way to create change.