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25221, Part III
Posted by M2, Tue Jul-17-01 07:11 AM

More Random Rants:

Note: I don't consider myself a liberal or a conservative, I'm just ranting about conservatives today (more) then liberals.

Liberals Vs. Conservatives:

Liberals say that minorities, women and homosexuals should vote for them, because they aren't conservatives. Not because they are really going to improve the lives of those groups.

Conservatives say that those same groups should vote for them, since Liberals haven't done anything for them.

Despite the fact that the conservative mindset is TO NOT do anything and let various problems (particularly the ones affecting those groups) work out for themselves. Despite the long history of activism by those groups.....

Now why should those groups vote conservative or even liberal for that matter?

Why do Conservatives whine about the lack of minority support so much? Are they just children? Particularly when their ideas go contrary to what most minorities believe in/hold dear? I mean generally, conservatives side with law enforcement over Blacks, aren't as concerned about various disparities and don't believe racism exists to the extent that most Blacks do.

Furthermore, the people who wrote the Bell Curve were speakers at the GOP national convention, Dinesh D'Souza who wrote a Book saying that Blacks DESERVED discrimination and the civil rights act was wrong, was a Reagan advisor, and people like Samuel Jarred Taylor who said: "the alternative to slavery was Negro pandemonium, which is what we have now" are conservatives.

Let's just face it, White Supremacists are never liberal.

So why are they so shocked at the lack of minority support?

Not saying that Conservatives don't have some good ideas, but they are some bad apples in that camp that a lot of Blacks don't want to throw our support behind.

Why do liberals portray the conservative party as the party of the wealthy and elite, when the people in power in the liberal camps are the wealthy and elite as well?

Why do conservatives manage to get so much support from working class whites, when those people aren't really part of the conservative Agenda? I was laughing my ass off when Bush repealed those workplace rules back in January.

I was laughing even harder about the tax cuts....even the patients bill of rights....since at most it would rise insurance costs by 4% (Republican estimate on Democrat bill) over the next 5 years. That's less then inflation...........

I find this voter pattern funny: 18-25 (Liberal) 25-65 (conservative) 65+ (back to liberal)

Does the GOP have an actual political agenda besides attacking democrats?

Patients Bill of rights, those lawsuits aren't neccessarily going to only help lawyers....since it's class action suits that help lawyers and not defendents....and patients don't usually file class action suits...since it's their particularly instance of harm they are suing for...not theirs and a bunch of other peoples.

Why don't Conservatives and Liberals provide information on the actual needs of the country tax revenue wise? Instead of just saying: "We need to cut taxes" "If we cut taxes, the country will be hurt" That's not an answer, it's friggin simple: perform an analysis and determine what the actual revenue needs are....tax accordingly....it's so friggin simple.

More Rants:

-Why do liberals love to say what citizens should invest in with respect to the community, or what this company should do with respect to people's salaries, benefits etc.....when it's not their friggin money?!

-Why can't the left accept that it's the mission of a Business to make money, and deviating from that focus creates a weak Business that can't provide as many jobs.

-Why are the same people who don't support environmental issues, the same ones that freak when a power plant or something else that is a heavy polluter wants to set up shop near them?

-Why do Black people think that our biggest obstacle to elevation is that we all should agree? It seems that most of our activism/books/articles regarding the state of our people, seem to revolve around convincing other Blacks to see things our way.

Why do people accept statistics at face value without researching them? For instance, "Crack is a Ghetto Drug" we all accept that as fact....right? Crack is mostly used by poor Blacks...right?

The Centers for Disease Control, and Department of Health and
Human Services, disagree.....they say that Whites are 8x more likely to smoke Crack then us.

Here is how White people shoot themselves in the foot with regards to crime:

-Black & White per capita drug usage is basically equal (or higher on the white side, depends on who provides the stats) but yet, thy profile us......while the White drug dealers drive by cops and laugh.....and have no problems selling drugs to white kids/adults.

-Whites tell themselves that they are more likely to be attacked by a Black person, so they avoid us, discriminate and move away when we come into their neighboorhoods, etc. Yet their 4x more likely to be attacked by Whites, so factor in that Whites who live around Blacks live around probably 10x the number of Whites as they do Blacks......as you see the danger...

-Why do some Whites love to call Blacks attacking Whites as a Hate Crime? As if they are so special that you'd have to hate them to attack them?