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Topic subjectRE: Part II
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25214, RE: Part II
Posted by Cocobrotha2, Tue Jul-17-01 12:44 PM

>Final Point: It's often said that
>Whites excel in Verbal Skills
>and Asians in Math, Blacks
>in physical things like sports.
>E.g. They have the Brains
>and we have the Brawn.
>They prove this point via our
>success in sports and their
>success (and our supposed failure)
>in things intellectual: Science, Business,
>BUT, couldn't it be said that
>Blacks are better at Multitasking,
>Creativity, thinking on the fly
>and improvisation? Just based on
>the skill of Black Musicians
>(who coincidentally spawned all the
>new music forms of the
>20th century), Black athletes who
>changed sports (like Basketball) by
>making improvisation common place..instead of
>play by numbers athletics, Free
>Style Rappers, comedians, etc, etc.
>Since those types of mental powers
>are innate, and are not
>learned like Verbal and Mathematical
>skills.....well, I'll let you fill
>in the rest.
>But no one brings that up.....not
>surpring since the "Blacks are
>stupid crowd" couldn't develop an
>IQ test if their lives
>depended on it.

AND we have many talented inventors and scientists. Here's just a couple websites

And here's a little something to blow the minds of any that question African American intelligence: http://emeagwali.com/
Philip Emeagwali Computer Scientist
"... one of the father's of the internet..." CNN
pioneer in the field of parallel processing