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Topic subjectPart II
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25206, Part II
Posted by M2, Sat Jul-14-01 05:12 PM
Since I'm not scheduled to get my Saturday night grove on for another hour or so, I figured I'd rant some more.

White Supremacy:

Heads up.....Skinheads and the KKK aren't going to the main perpetuators of White Supremacist ideas in the 21st century. No, in the future the White Supremacists are going to laud the efforts of Dr. Martin Luther King, claim they "like Blacks" and trumpet the success of the rising Black Middle Class. They'll also discuss the things that Blacks need to elevate themselves. In fact, depending on what you hear.....you may believe that these people are on point......and are your friend...... But then they'll throw in isht like this:

-Blacks should accept that they are less intelligent then Blacks.

-The absolute failure of Blacks in the US (contradictory isn't it?.......when they discuss the Black Middle Class) is due to us being inferior to Whites.

-Discrimination against Blacks is justified.

-Organizations that hire Blacks will be economically inefficient.

-Racism is just a moral response by Whites when they encounter inferior races/cultures.

-Jim Crow protected Blacks.

-The Civil Rights act should be abolished.

-Racism, isn't Racism (Unless it's against Whites) those Whites are just making "Rational Decisions"

Now the people who say this stuff, teach at colleges, write Best Selling books, and hob nob with politicians. The even infuence court decisions regarding civil rights issues, convince Whites that they should be proud of their Prejudices....after all, it's not like they are in the Clan.

Now here is the worse part, a lot of minorities buy into this shit and believe it too. A favorite quote of the one of the people I'm talking about is: "I've always wondered about those dark skinned brothas" a light skinned Sistah referring to Blacks and Intelligence.

Anyway, I suggest you guys do some research on the following people:

Dinesh D'Souza
Samual Jarred Taylor (or just Jarred Taylor)
Michael Levin


Quick Thoughts on Intelligence before I bounce.

-The folks who love to tout the slightly lower scores of Blacks on IQ tests, aren't qualified to develop IQ tests themselves. Not surprising, since the people who develop IQ tests are the ones who say they are culturally biased.

-The folks that claim IQ tests aren't culturally biased, almost always present arguments that amount to: "I don't belive they are culturally biased"

-Due to the fact that the people developing and administering IQ tests think that they are always accurate and biased against various groups, IQ testing hasn't been widespread for well over 20 years. How many of you have taken an IQ test? How many people do you know that have taken one?

Usually, the only people taking IQ tests nowadays are those desiring entrance into Mensa, people with learning disabilities and rare cases of elite private schools requiring them.

Think about the above.....a little......explains a lot now doesn't it? More intelligent Whites are going to be taking IQ tests then intelligent Blacks.......simply because they have more opportunity to.

-A big part of the argument for Black "Dumbness" is the fact that Blacks average 15 points lower then Whites on IQ tests. Left out, is that in recent years...the gap has narrowed to 3 points. In fact, it's even mentioned in the Book "The Bell Curve" but for some reason....goes back to the 15 point gap and focuses on that for the rest of the book.

The 3 point gap is explained as follows: "the reason for this is the number of low scores decreasing, but scores increasing overall"

Final Point: It's often said that Whites excel in Verbal Skills and Asians in Math, Blacks in physical things like sports. E.g. They have the Brains and we have the Brawn.

They prove this point via our success in sports and their success (and our supposed failure) in things intellectual: Science, Business, Engineering.

BUT, couldn't it be said that Blacks are better at Multitasking, Creativity, thinking on the fly and improvisation? Just based on the skill of Black Musicians (who coincidentally spawned all the new music forms of the 20th century), Black athletes who changed sports (like Basketball) by making improvisation common place..instead of play by numbers athletics, Free Style Rappers, comedians, etc, etc.

Since those types of mental powers are innate, and are not learned like Verbal and Mathematical skills.....well, I'll let you fill in the rest.

But no one brings that up.....not surpring since the "Blacks are stupid crowd" couldn't develop an IQ test if their lives depended on it.

Ok, Gotta go......