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Topic subjectRevisiting this question in 2005...I think there is a divide.
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25184, Revisiting this question in 2005...I think there is a divide.
Posted by FireBrand, Wed Mar-09-05 10:16 PM
The children all seem to want to get online, but the means get more and more expensive.

Does being able to access the net from the library count as online acess?

how fair is it that Jimmy Whitebread can use the PSAT software at home when Jamal the Brother can't?

I think it's more than just online access. It's access to software, it's being availbilty of the machine as well.

I mean, my folks had us online since like 95 but My dad was always using the machine for work.

heck- if I had access like my white friends did a/t/t...My post count would be in the 100G range. lol