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Topic subjectWhat for?
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25158, What for?
Posted by nahymsa, Thu Jan-25-01 08:33 PM
The main reason I see a need for minorities to get on is because the powers that be are. But the powers that be are, not because of consumer demand or particularly out of necessity - it tends to be another tool to foster consumerism, another method to reach a broader audience.

Having access to the internet is not that different than having access to a mall bookstore or direct tv. Its not just about getting online, its about what's there when you finally get on. Its about who controls the content, who controls the search engines, who controls the tolls for the highway, who sets the rules & regulates the highway, etc.

I'm not saying shouldn't or wont be involved in the internet but there's this idea floating around that the information highway & access to it, can/will be the great equalizer. That's just not true. We will have the same issues, different format.