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Topic subjectit's like having a typewriter
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25147, it's like having a typewriter
Posted by k_orr, Wed Jan-24-01 11:25 AM
Or a graphing calculator. You can still get the job done with traditional means, but the people who can use better tools, get better results.

> Yeah, it's nice
>that schools have computers, but
>if they aren't teaching the
>three R's correctly what's the

The net better than anything could supplement, and for a really interested student, replace a lot of what goes on in formal education.

But the studies done on putting computers in homes of low income families are kinda mixed. At first it was the rage, e-mail, et cetera, but when the ink ran out, or they couldn't afford the ISP charges, it started to gather dust.

But one problem I see with the neighborhood I was born in, and ones that I have worked in, is that folks can't see past the block. Everything that is everything happens in the neighborhood. That mentality scares me.

k. orr