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Topic subjectit's not bad
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25146, it's not bad
Posted by k_orr, Fri Jan-26-01 06:28 AM
I think Nahmsya's solitary vs community argument is the first one I've ever heard. Anytime I see something new, I think the discussion has been positive.

Normally this discussion goes into a few normal areas

- they need to read, write, 'rithmetic, not no computers
- back in my day....
- they can't afford it because of...
- our folks are afraid of anything white (finances, technology)
- some technical/legal issues
- I don't want my tax dollars going to no...

If nothing at all, giving someone access to a computer, should get rid of some of the fear. It's important not only for our young people, but for the older generation. If my folks could go online and compete for a better 2nd mortgage, rather than go back to the same bank they been with for years..

k. orr