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Topic subjectMyth of the Digital Divide?
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25138, Myth of the Digital Divide?
Posted by k_orr, Wed Jan-24-01 06:51 AM
Inspired by Boodah's comment.

I'm sure all of you know some poor/working class families that seem to have enough for cable, new rims, and other high dollar disposable income items, but not even a commodore 64 in the house. What is more distressing to me, is the # of middle and upper class families of color who obviously have the means, but aren't connected. (i'm thinking of my mom at home, who uses a computer as a teacher, and my step dad who works with computers at work. They aren't online yet.)

Is it really lack of resources that keeps black folks off of the net?

Or is it something else?

Could it be the so-called anti-intellectualism of our people?

Are we afraid of computers?

k. orr