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25096, RE: Guidance from an Elder
Posted by heru, Thu Mar-08-01 08:58 AM
>That is something I rarely
>here discussed by is very important.
>Do you have any more info on that subject?

both of my thesis projects for my undergraduate and graduate degrees (in architeture) dealt with aspects of KMTic architecture. the past several years, i have been working in the profession of architecture, so i haven't had the opportunity to continue my research. nevertheless, it continues to be a passion. my intentions are to begin re-membering my design research and design philosophy.

to answer your question, two ideas immediately come to mind: sacred geometry and feng shui. i haven't done extensive research in either of these areas yet (i've read books here and there), however, it is my opinion that these two areas would definitely be appropriate to assist in stimulating creative genius. of course, they are just the tip of the iceberg...