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Topic subjectRE: Guidance from an Elder
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25095, RE: Guidance from an Elder
Posted by Solarus, Thu Mar-08-01 08:34 AM
>i can't open this website: www.afrikandieli.com
>is this the correct address?

This is the address he sent me. I'll have to check back with him.

>very great discussion! has there been
>any discussion on the acutal
>physical construction of the school?
>coming from an architectural perspective,
>it is imperative to keep
>this in mind as well.
>if designed properly, an edifice
>has the ability to stimulate
>the creative genius that resides
>in all of us.

That is something I rarely here discussed by is very important. Do you have any more info on that subject?


"Activism is the practice of using an internal, self-determining source of power to live one's life and/or enact some sort of change. Power is the ability to define reality, while self-determination is to decide or define one's self. Therefore activism, is not simply something done to right some wrong or to fight some cause but rather it is a way of life. Activism is the way of life where one can define self and change anything that may impede or control the reality that one chooses to live."-Solarus