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Topic subjectRE: CURRENCY
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Posted by Mesnjah, Wed Mar-07-01 11:46 AM
Good points about bartering and being independent of currency, utamaroho...

>This country
>is self sufficient and only
>reaches out for non-necessities from
>other countries.

I would disagree on this because the US consumes an incredible amount of foreign oil every year, over 50% of our supply is imported. Plus so much that we consume (clothes and other manufactured goods) are produced overseas. Yes we could *survive* without international trade but life would be very, very different.

>Also, blacks can own an
>ISP, but MCI worldcom owns
>the backbone and lines, which
>ULTIMATELY are controlled by the
>US govt.

Yes in the US that's true but what about using off-shore or satellite resources for your communications? I don't know the situation currently, but soon you will be able to be connected from literally anywhere. PLUS, it's very hard to monitor non-website based net activity. Emailing is very effective once you have your network of members established.

>To underestimate their
>desire to keep a community
>from succeeding is naive.

I agree with you here, but I'm saying I don't think they have the means to stop you from communicating.


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