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Posted by guest, Wed Mar-07-01 11:27 AM
US currency is not essential to independence/self sufficiency. Capital is a myth, imagine what a system would be like without the dollar, well, at least a school/community. I read up on some Amish communities, they only get money for the purpose of paying land taxes, that's it. period. A real community can exist independent of the status quo. Peripheral businesses would involve thmselves in the world but their bankruptcy wouldn't affect a truly independent community. There are ways of doing this, just look at the US as a whole. This country is self sufficient and only reaches out for non-necessities from other countries. The first think is realizing one can build their own without help or need from another, when you start thinking that way, you incorporate a needful attitude. I understand working within the system, but i propose being able to survive independently within it. Not everyone pays land taxes in this country, i'd integrate with them in "ideal" circumstances. Also, blacks can own an ISP, but MCI worldcom owns the backbone and lines, which ULTIMATELY are controlled by the US govt. To underestimate their desire to keep a community from succeeding is naive. I guess i'm looking at it in a worst case scenario mindset, or looking out for a community's redundancy to stay afloat. PEACE


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