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25089, I considered that...
Posted by Mesnjah, Wed Mar-07-01 09:39 AM
But concluded it wasn't a real barrier to self-sufficiency given the freedoms of expression in this country. Do you think all internet service providers would refuse to serve your school? At any cost? Do you think there are no black-owned ISP's that would support you? I'm wondering what exactly you're looking for in self-sufficiency. It seems to be more of a philosophical self-sufficiency than a practical one. As long as you are using land in this country, using tools and materials and other resources aquired in from others, you will be dependent to a degree. If you take the most extreme view of self-sufficiency as complete autonomy you are making things much more difficult than I think they need to be. I think there's a point where you need to compromise and realize that as long as you are funding the school through your own business etc, that you are self sufficient. I mean you could make the argument that starting your own businesses to fund the school makes you dependent on capitalism and on US currency. You feel me?


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