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25088, HOWEVER
Posted by guest, Wed Mar-07-01 07:05 AM
we have no control over the internet or the technology on which it is built. if MCI worldcom wanted to deny access through their channels, telephonelines, servers etc. we'd be ass out. we don't own the physical means or the control over this media at all. that's why i saw it's peripheral. it can be taken away so easily and then we'd have to beg/rally/protest for massa to give us back a few crumbs. I work in this field and realize the internet with all teh entertainment and media possibilities is like a high tech minstrel show in some respects, sort of like basketball. there are enough players but with all their income and capital they could never produce the league themselves because they own none of the industries it takes to PRODUCE, i.e. television companies, stadiums, leagues etc. in this age we gravitate towards technology when it's owned by someone else.

i'll marinate on possible solutions, PEACE

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