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Topic subjectThe Internet and Self Sufficiency
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25087, The Internet and Self Sufficiency
Posted by Mesnjah, Tue Mar-06-01 09:17 PM
>compters are cool ways of generating
>capital, just wondering if that'll
>remove us towards total self
>sufficiency. People here at work
>know computers but can't change
>a tire. Computers areperipheral to
>real self sufficiency, but i
>feel you, personally i hope
>to generate my share for
>the school from it and
>simultaneously network with others. GOOD

No computer won't bring about self sufficiency by themselves, but I wouldn't say they are peripheral to it, rather they are the root of self sufficiency now that they provide communication links around the world. Think about how much more progress can be made through the networking and contacts at a site like this or through the power of email, connecting like minded people across the US and on the other side of the world. The more I think about it, the more convinced I am that computers and communication technology will be the source of any revolutionary movements. I think the internet is the most democratizing technological development ever. Will it make for a self sufficient school? No, it will not grow your food or power your lights. But it will enable you to get the information on alternative energy, Afrikan history, community education, food production, etc, that are the building blocks of eventual self sufficiency. While all this information may be available in other forms, it is much easier and quicker to access via the internet. But all this is secondary I think to its value in connecting people and enabling them to share ideas, come together and make plans for the transformation of communities and nations. This is why I'd say computers, as tools of communication, are at the root of self sufficiency.


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