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Posted by guest, Tue Mar-06-01 10:23 AM
Asante' Sana, Sis for you message.

Here in St.Louis, My daughter attends Frederick Douglass Institute an Afrikan School ran by Afrikan People. We are are are self-sufficient. We are running an Afrikan School for Afrikan Children. Our highschool is Hofi Ni Kwnenu Academy. Everything that is being discussed or questions being raised we have the answers or I should say the model already in progress the questions you have in other words have already been answered.

Our goal is to have an Afrikan Public School System . We are not a african school with an european centric. Our education is about nationbuilding, teaching our children about freedom.Our definition of freedom lies in six areas which are feed, house, clothes, educate, medicate , and defend ourselves unless education is teaching that then isn't education !! For the revolution will not be televised it will occur in the minds of our children and their children's children and so on and so forth that is what I meant by teaching the children of tommorrow.

Now all the schools of CIBI have the same philosophy but I can only give you exact information based on the school I came through. If I am understanding everything correctly, you mentor at one of the CIBI schools? Would you tell me the name of that school and where it is located.

I don't like sharing detailed information over the internet especially when the ideas were introduced to me by our Co-Directors and I want to give them and the others school much respect and recoginition that is why I said I will find out all the schools names and location and you can check it out for yourselves.

I hope it is understood that what I am attempting to say is what you all are looking for is here already and in need of teachers, parents, family, and community so that no has to pay for this education and it will be A Global System of Education that we all are using.