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Posted by guest, Tue Mar-06-01 09:30 AM

I have been around the board for sometime now, I like just reading everyone's viewpoint. I have only left a message once and that was in regard to the Bamboozled review.

Again I find myself with that same feeling that I have to say something. Nation Building is the key to liberation and it starts with Afrikan Education. My contribution to this discussion is to advise there are Afrikan Institutions already in progress that need young Warriors such as yourselves to come and be apart of the Re-Afrikanization Process which starts with the adults of today but will carry on with the "watoto" (children) of tommorrow.

These schools are all over the united states and in the homeland as well. The name of the organization is the Council of Independent Black Institutions aka CIBI. This is exactly what you all are looking for and we are looking for you !!! We need you to come and join but not start new we are not charter schools atleast not where I am which is in St.Louis,Mo. I will find out the names of all the schools and what areas so you all can check it out yourselves.

It was deja vu to read the messages in regards to the grades, the curriculum, accreditation....etc...All of those issues have been addressed within this organization. I am grateful that my family is apart of this process which is from "The Womb to The Tomb". Being apart of this process has totally changed my life for you learn education isn't just 5 days week when the children are in school but it is for all 24/7 365 days a year and the main thing I learned was that it doesn't start with the "watoto" but with the parents!!!!! In order for the children to learn you must learn as well actually re-learn and that isn't a easy task for "grownfolks" but I guarantee when you do ain't no going back as Sis. Erykah says !

Well that is enough for now I don't like writing because I am 32 soon to be 33 and just from reading the posts I can tell majority of the board is younger. I just read to learn and to see where the minds of our young people are. Alot of times I see us defocusing on things like punctuations and signature names, etc...which I am not good at but anyway I feel like I was there and still is but with life learning experinces therefore I must allow others to have theirs , as Sis. Erykah says " Just Be Free, Yall". So that is what I try to do therefore I don't like debating but I love contributing with love.

Hotep !!!!